The Ultimate Interview Course By A Fortune 500 Director Of Recruiting

Get The Job Offer By Transforming The Way You Prepare, Perform, and Follow-Up To Interviews

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Hi. I’m Emily Graham. As a Director of Recruiting for a Fortune 500 company, I’ve interviewed 29,257 candidates in my 11 years in recruiting.

I’ve seen candidates knock it out of the park, but that's usually the exception. Most fail to leave a good impression.

Interviewing seems to be a struggle even for outstanding candidates. They lack confidence. Offer up only bare minimum answers, if they can give a real answer at all.


There is typically one reason why most people blow the interview.

Preparation. Or rather, lack of it.

With the right preparation you will provide perfect, memorable answers. To any question. Every time.



Interviews Made Simple

Get your job offer by transforming the way you prepare and perform for interviews.

I’ve unleashed my experience in recruiting to bring you training on how to ace your interview. During this pre-launch stage you get FREE access to the self-paced video course. Plus a private Facebook group for additional help. Go into your next interview confidently, knowing exactly how to answer any question.

Interviews Made Simple Will Walk You Through The Step-By-Step Process For You To Turn Your Interview Into A Job Offer

You’ve gone as far as you can with the tips & training scattered in the wild.

The blog posts. The free ebooks.

The “advice” they give is too watered down or just plain wrong (like most tips on “greatest weakness”).

Even the books you pay for, hoping for a miracle, won’t prepare you anywhere near as deep and wide as we’re going to go in Interviews Made Simple.

This is what you’ve been searching for.

You’re finally going to see - definitively - how to walk into your interview beaming with confidence. Answers will roll off your tongue to any question hurled your way.

Convincingly. Powerfully.

Interviews Made Simple, the only video course created by a Fortune 500 Director Of Recruiting, gives you insight into what the interviewer wants & prepares you to give it to them.

  • How to know the questions you’ll be asked (Lesson 6)
  • The step-by-step technique for crafting job-winning answers to any question (Lesson 4)
  • How to get into the interviewer’s head (Lesson 5)
  • What questions you should ask (Lesson 3)
  • How to stand out from every other candidate (Lesson 2)
  • The most important part of preparing for an interview (Lesson 8)
  • Why even the most qualified candidates won’t be hired without doing THIS (Lesson 2)
  • How to make your interview 22x more memorable. (Lesson 7)
  • Why you must negotiate any offer you receive (Lesson 11)

Interviews Made Simple Free During Pre-launch
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Includes access to:

  • 13 self-paced video lessons (approx. 3 hours)
  • 13 video transcripts (if you prefer to read over watching)
  • 13 slide decks for each video
  • Worksheets, prep guide, and samples
  • Plus exclusive access to a private Facebook group

This course is free during its beta, pre-launch phase.

In return, all I ask is for constructive feedback. The goal is to improve the course for you (and everyone else) in the future.

To gain access, simply click the button below to complete a short 3-minute evaluation. This will ensure this is the perfect fit for you.

**Once we have feedback from 7 more participants, this offer will close.

Think of it! The next time you have an interview, you'll walk in with confidence. Answer every question without breaking a sweat. And walk out knowing you nailed it!

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