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Working within the staffing industry, you learn a lot about people. They open up to you and share their inner most desires and fears, if you just listen. A recurring theme I heard over and over was a feeling they would be overlooked as a candidate.

That resonated with me. Throughout my career I had moments where I wasn’t able to see my own value. It was a lack of confidence. At times it was an inability to know what I needed to do in order to gain the exposure or experience I wanted.

Then I got lucky. I had the opportunity to work for some amazing leaders and mentors. People that showed me what it meant to develop people, be transparent, and share knowledge without the fear someone would take their job. My biggest learning? I am in control of my own career.

I had to take initiative to go after what I wanted. No one else would ever care about my career as much as I would. I learned to put myself out there and ask for opportunities. Even with a good mentor, nothing is handed to you. I also learned that while I was in control, I still needed support in my corner giving advice, and cheering me on. My leadership style was founded on this principle.

My team always heard me say: “If you aren’t looking out for your career, no one else will.” I pushed them to build a development plan they could execute on. I wanted them to spend time thinking about what they wanted and how to get there. We talked about it. My promise was to be their support system. I would help open any doors I could, provide perspective, and share with brutal honesty. Together, we grew.

I found my passion for developing people!

People don’t always know their own worth. They sell themselves short. In their career, they lack confidence to go after the job they want. Or they lack the ability or support to know how to go after it in the right way. I help people discover their confidence to go after the career they desire. My experience allows me to give a unique inside perspective. My promise of transparency means I will always be honest (sometimes brutally).

Part of growing your career is creating resumes and powerful marketing documents to sell yourself, telling your story, and interviewing with your best foot forward. I want to make all of that simple. Let me share my knowledge to help eliminate your fears and concerns. I want to help you write your blueprint for success, and cheer you on!

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~ Emily

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