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Easy To Follow & Thoroughly Prepares You To Ace Your Interview

This course is awesome and invaluable to anyone looking to build their career. The worksheets and guidance provided are easy to follow and really get you thinking critically in a way that best prepares you for an interview

Jason Barnes - IT Professional

Immediate Results After My Resume Rewrite

I’d been applying to jobs with my resume and cover letter, getting turned down for everything. I applied to well over 100 jobs and nothing. I contacted Emily for help, and after she rewrote my resume and cover letter I was offered a job on the first interview! She gave me tips for the interview to make me feel less anxious and more prepared. I definitely recommend her!

Ruthie DeBlanc - Administrative / Customer Service

Worth Every Penny!

[I was] searching for a new position and needed an outside perspective to highlight my skill set. [Emily] is professional and a pleasure to work with. Turnaround time was quick. I have seen increased views on my LinkedIn page since updating and I am very confident applying for jobs. The final product was incredible. Worth every penny! This service has helped me tremendously and shown me a new way to... highlight my skill set.

Jamie Claire Bojack - Customer Experience / Training / Brand Manager

I officially just landed my dream job!

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent work you did on my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I officially just landed my dream job as Virtual Executive Assistant for Boldly this morning. I am beyond thrilled! I have no doubt that this would not have been possible if it weren't for my strategic resume and cover letter. Boldly does an extensive vetting, and I believe my previous resume would have gone unnoticed.

Thank you for being so easy to work with and for all of your help along the way. You were able to quantify and verbalize my experience and skill set in a way I wouldn't have ever thought otherwise. And it was amazing how much confidence having a strong resume like the one you created gave me throughout the entire process. You showed me where and how I add value, and for that, I am so grateful.

Dina Bouta - Business Support Specialist

Simplified The Entire Interview Prep Process

My primary reason for taking "Interviews Made Simple" is because I get so nervous I wouldn't get past the interview to get the job. [It] helped simplify the whole interview process for me, making me realize I have been doing [it] wrong. [The first lesson] alone made me feel so much more confident. Emily is a great teacher. She thoroughly goes over each step and breaks down each part of the interview prep process as it intertwines with it all.

Denise Mates

The Interviewer Told Me They Were Impressed With My Preparation

It has been a while since I have interviewed. I was preparing . . . and wanted to be sure I was ready. [Interviews Made Simple] made it clear of what type of questions I needed to be prepared to answer. I have much more confidence walking into the actual interview. It makes sure you "dot your i's and cross your t's" to ensure you are fully prepared to walk into the interview and secure the position you are looking for. [Interviews Made Simple] was a thorough guide to ensuring success.

Traci Vennie - University Admissions

First Interview Turned Into A Job!

It's been a long time since I've interviewed for a new position, and I constantly fear the unknown! This course gave me the foundation to have a successful interview. It prepared me for those 'hard to answer' questions and taught me the most impactful way to share my experience. After going through Interviews Made Simple, my first interview turned into a job!

Laura Sparks - Non-Profit Organization

Now I Can Share My LinkedIn Profile With Confidence!

Phenomenal! My LinkedIn profile felt flat and 'standard', so I enlisted the help of Emily to rewrite the content. She took me through a well thoughtout process of exploring my challenges, accomplishments and results in every job I've held and then crafted the most spectacular Linkedin Profile for me that I've ever read. She gave my professional life a voice and identity and found a reoccurring theme in everything I did: Enthusiastic innovation. Now, I can share my LinkedIn profile during the job search with confidence (and excitement). THANK YOU!

Rachel Born - Program Administration

Never Realized How Important My Brand Was!

Interviews have always been a sore point for me.... I have a wealth of experience, but have difficulty translating that and presenting myself as an optimal candidate. Interviews Made Simple helps you better understand [your personal brand], how to best package it, and how to present that package confidently to an interviewer.

I can approach future interviews feeling more confident, grounded, and trusting that I will be able to answer questions thoroughly, connect with my interviewer, relax, and present myself as a qualified candidate.

Tahira Norton - Non-Profit Management

The Techniques In The Course instill Confidence

I have an important job interview approaching, but I get nervous and usually just wing the prep. [This time] I researched to find advice and came across Interviews Made Simple.

Emily's experience is what made me decide to sign up. Every area of the interview process was covered in detail. And the homework was what put it over the top. It gave me the vision and confidence to have a great interview!

Jason Bugg - Kinesiology Instructor

Best Money I Have Spent.

WOW!! I think this is the best money I have spent. Thank you so much!!! When reading my new resume and cover letter, I have a sense of confidence that I haven’t had before.

Annie Kim - Global Business Development & Strategy
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