The Ultimate Interview Preparation From A Fortune 500 Director Of Recruiting

90% Of People Think They're Ready For Their Job Interview... They Are Wrong

Emily Graham

Hi. I’m Emily Graham. As a Director of Recruiting for a Fortune 500 company, I’ve interviewed 29,257 candidates over the last 10 years.

That 90% number in the headline above... that's a real stat from a survey conducted by Everest College among employed adults.

That number sounds great until you hear this:

Interviewers cite the #1 reason a candidate isn't hired... lack of preparation!

Crazy right? How are candidates so confident, yet so wrong?

I’ve seen people knock it out of the park, but that's usually the exception. Most fail to leave a good impression.

Interviewing is a struggle even for outstanding candidates. They lack confidence. Offer up only bare minimum answers, or ramble for days not really knowing how to answer the question.


It all comes down to preparation, or rather, lack of it.

With the right preparation you will provide perfect, memorable answers. To any question. Every time.



Interviews Made Simple

Land your next job by preparing for interviews the right way.

I’ve tapped more than a decade of experience in recruiting to bring you insider knowledge on how to nail your interview. You'll get instant access to the self-paced video course. Plus exclusive, direct access to ask me anything. Go into your next interview confidently, knowing exactly how to answer any question.

Interviews Made Simple Will Walk You Through The Step-By-Step System To Turn Your Job Interview Into An Offer

You’ve gone as far as you can with the scattered tips & training.

The blog posts. The free ebooks. Friends. Family.

The “advice” they give is too watered down or just plain wrong (like most tips on how to answer your “greatest weakness”).

Even the books you pay for, hoping for a miracle, won’t prepare you anywhere near as deep and wide as we’re going to go in Interviews Made Simple.

This is what you’ve been searching for.

I’ve compiled all my best insights, techniques, and takeaways from 29,000+ interviews. That experience matters.

And here’s the best part...

You’re finally going to see - definitively - how to walk into your interview beaming with confidence. Answers will roll off your tongue to any question thrown your way.

Convincingly. Powerfully.

Once you prepare this way, you will be seen as the perfect candidate.

“Complete Interview Package. Thoroughly Prepares You To Ace Your Interview
This course is awesome and invaluable to anyone looking to build their career. The worksheets and guidance provided are easy to follow and really get you thinking critically in a way that best prepares you for an interview.
- Jason Barnes, IT Professional

You're ready to quit the job hunt. Stop coming up short in your interviews.  Here's how the course works.

Immediate impact! The way you think about interviewing will begin to shift from the moment you watch your first video...

We'll start by exposing the most important aspect of any job search.

(I'd go so far as to say your entire career is built on it.)

Within minutes you'll get to the core of showing who you are. The benefits you bring to the table. And what differentiates you from every other person aiming to steal that job from you.

This lesson will hit on stuff your competitors don't know or even think about.

Yes! Competitive advantage!

You WILL be completely floored by what you've been missing.


Never Realized How Important My Brand Was!

Interviews have always been a sore point for me.... I have a wealth of experience, but have difficulty translating that and presenting myself as an optimal candidate. Interviews Made Simple helps you better understand [your personal brand], how to best package it, and how to present that package confidently to an interviewer.

I can approach future interviews feeling more confident, grounded, and trusting that I will be able to answer questions thoroughly, connect with my interviewer, relax, and present myself as a qualified candidate.

Tahira Norton Non-Profit Management

Of course you're interested in the job. But you have to convince the interviewer. Lessons 2 & 3 will show you how...

Always, always, always have a list of questions to ask!

Nothing screams "Meh, I don't care", to the interviewer, more than a person who couldn't be bothered to come up with questions.

But it's not just about asking random questions. Oh no!

If you want to stand out you MUST ask questions that make the interviewer think...

"Wow, you really know our company. No one has ever asked that."

Lessons 2 & 3 are all about techniques used to find those things that make the company tick. What's important to them. Their reason for being.

Nail these lessons and not only will you blow their mind with juicy, well prepared questions. You will set up the foundation for what candidates need most help with...questions to prep for.


The Interviewer Told Me They Were Impressed With My Preparation

It has been a while since I have interviewed. I was preparing . . . and wanted to be sure I was ready. [Interviews Made Simple] made it clear of what type of questions I needed to be prepared to answer. I have much more confidence walking into the actual interview. It makes sure you "dot your i's and cross your t's" to ensure you are fully prepared to walk into the interview and secure the position you are looking for. [Interviews Made Simple] was a thorough guide to ensuring success.

Traci Vennie University Admissions

If you prep for interview questions like a student cramming for finals, your eyes will be opened wide by what's next...

The biggest concern most job candidates have is not knowing what questions they'll be asked.

You roam from blog post to blog post memorizing answers to common interview questions. HOPING the interviewer only asks those.

But it doesn't matter how much you force-feed your brain... if you focus on the wrong things. The next 3 lessons won't overwhelm you with a bottomless list of interview questions and answers to rehearse.

Instead, you will:

  • Get insight on the 5 specific types of questions you MUST be prepared to answer. (Lesson 4)
  • Learn the methods to know the right things to focus on. (Lesson 5)
  • Get into the interviewer's head to know exactly what they are going to ask. (Lesson 6)

Mastering these lessons is like getting the questions before a test. Setting you up to give the perfect answers...

The Techniques In The Course Instill Confidence
I have an important job interview approaching, but I get nervous and usually just wing the prep. [This time] I researched to find advice and came across Interviews Made Simple. Emily's experience is what made me decide to sign up. Every area of the interview process was covered in detail. And the homework was what put it over the top. It gave me the vision and confidence to have a great interview!,
- Jason Bugg, Kinesiology Instructor

Once you know the interview questions, it's all about making them see you as the perfect candidate...

Interview questions make most people as nervous as a kangaroo in a minefield.

That's the wrong outlook. View them as an opportunity to set yourself apart from the crowd.

The real issue is most people don't know how to put together a half-way decent answer. If I asked you to tell me about yourself, would you be able to? Compellingly and without stumbling?

Most likely, no.

But once you know what differentiates you from everyone else... once you've identified what's important to the company... and once you've been able to read the mind of your interviewer to know the questions they will ask...

...then you can work on creating the perfect interview response to ANY question.

And yes, they need to be perfect answers.

The interviewer will hear mainly dull, boring canned responses. If you want the job, don't let yours be one of those.

By mastering this section of the course, your answers will be powerful, memorable, and much more compelling than stringing together facts from your resume.

You will know exactly what the interviewer wants to hear and how to give it to them. They will have no choice but to see you in the job. And KNOW you are the perfect candidate.

Finish the 11 lessons and never again worry how to prepare for a job interview that makes you come across as the best candidate.

What that means is this:

Every single time you have an interview, you'll KNOW what to do... why to do it... and exactly how to do it for maximum impact.

If you get the preparation wrong your job hunt will continue. So you have to get it right

That's why you'll also get these bonuses...

Bonus #1
Course Supplements

Remember when you were in school and the last thing you wanted was homework? Times have changed.

Interviews Made Simple students asked for this "homework"... and they rave about it! It makes it easy to put into practice what you learn.

To help you get the most from the course you will receive a total of 19:

  • Worksheets
  • Cheatsheets
  • Guides
  • Example templates
Bonus #2
Extra Lesson: "Negotiating Your Offer"

Getting the job offer is the biggest hurdle, but it's not the last step. The question always comes, "Should I negotiate my offer?"

This bonus lesson will:

  • Break down when you need to negotiate your offer
  • What you must NEVER do
  • Help you understand your true value
  • Give you insider tips for negotiating your offer
Bonus #3
Individualized Help & Coaching

Sometimes you have questions specific to your situation and you want an expert opinion. You've got it!

For your first 30 days, you will have direct email access to Emily. Ask any question you want to ensure you are ready.

    Interviews Made Simple Is Right For You If You Answer "YES" To ANY, Of These Questions

    • Have you ever been turned down for a job?
    • Are you currently searching for a new job?
    • Do you have a job interview scheduled at least 6 hours away?
    • Do you worry about answering specific interview questions?
    • Are you nervous during interviews?

    No matter the reason you are looking for a job, which industry you are in, or how unsuccessful you have been in past interviews (it's not your fault!), if you said "yes" to even ONE of the above, you should join Interviews Made Simple now.


    If you are someone who always seems to get the job offer... or if you are not willing to put in the work.... or if you find "no one can teach you," don't join.

    If you haven't got time to breathe let alone watch the training lessons, don't join.

    Interviews Made Simple is a step-by-step program that WILL absolutely work for people who give it a chance to work.


    First Interview Turned Into A Job!

    It's been a long time since I've interviewed for a new position, and I constantly fear the unknown! This course gave me the foundation to have a successful interview. It prepared me for those 'hard to answer' questions and taught me the most impactful way to share my experience. After going through Interviews Made Simple, my first interview turned into a job!

    Laura Sparks Non-Profit Organization

    Try It Risk Free:
    You've got 60 days to put Interviews Made Simple to the test

    If you are worried about what this course can do for you, then let me help put your worries to rest: I'm giving you, not 30, but 60 days to take the training and put it into practice.

    If you have gone through the course and completed all the exercises, but do not feel more prepared for your job interview... or do not feel your interview skills have improved, just send me the work you've done to implement the training. If I've failed to help you, you deserve your money back - and I'll give it to you. Just tell me within 60 days of purchasing here:

    Interviews Made Simple, the only video course created by a Fortune 500 Director Of Recruiting, gives you insight into what the interviewer wants & prepares you to give it to them.

    • How to know the questions you’ll be asked (Lesson 6)
    • The step-by-step technique for crafting job-winning answers to any question (Lesson 4)
    • How to get into the interviewer’s head (Lesson 5)
    • What questions you should ask (Lesson 3)
    • How to stand out from every other candidate (Lesson 2)
    • The most important part of preparing for an interview (Lesson 8)
    • Why even the most qualified candidates won’t be hired without doing THIS (Lesson 2)
    • How to make your interview 22x more memorable. (Lesson 7)
    • Why you must negotiate any offer you receive (Lesson 11)



    • Lifetime access to Interviews Made Simple
    • Bonus: 19 worksheets, guides, cheat sheets, & example templates
    • Bonus: 12 video transcripts
    • Bonus: "Negotiating Your Offer" lesson + transcript & slide deck

    Everything for only $99

    Nail My Interview!

    Think of it! The next time you have an interview, you'll walk in with confidence. Answer every question without breaking a sweat. And walk out knowing you nailed it!

    Are you one of the 90% who believe they are prepared for the interview?

    You have a decision to make.

    When you walk out of your next interview will you feel you did everything you could to land that job?

    Or will you look back and regret this moment right now? Not taking advantage of insider knowledge and experience handing you the blueprint to ace your next interview.

    You can keep doing what you've been doing and get the same results you've always gotten.

    But there are no second chances in an interview. Blow it and that opportunity is gone.

    The job hunt goes on for what... weeks... months?

    It means a job you really wanted slipped through your hands, along with more money? Better growth opportunity? A company that appreciates you?

    All because you didn't act.

    For a single payment of $99.
    Take action today. Land your dream job tomorrow.

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    Simplified The Entire Interview Prep Process

    My primary reason for taking "Interviews Made Simple" is because I get so nervous I wouldn't get past the interview to get the job. [It] helped simplify the whole interview process for me, making me realize I have been doing [it] wrong. [The first lesson] alone made me feel so much more confident. Emily is a great teacher. She thoroughly goes over each step and breaks down each part of the interview prep process as it intertwines with it all.

    Denise Mates
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