Is Your Resume ATS-Friendly? You Might Be Surprised.

You work hard to create a resume that will stand out and help you secure interviews. You apply online. Days go by and you receive crickets. Nothing! Believe it or not, there is a chance your resume is working against you. To get your resume … Read More

Your Guide To A Successful Video Interview

Video Interviews

Video interviews are quickly becoming the norm. It used to be they were only used while team members were traveling and wanted to still participate. Now, they are popping up everywhere… even during the application process! For the company, they save time and money. It’s … Read More

5 Resume Space Wasters & What To Put Instead

Resume space is prime real estate. You need to make the most of the space you’ve got, which means eliminating anything that doesn’t serve you well and convince a recruiter to call. So, how do you know what is just taking up space? Better yet, … Read More

How To Survive An Unexpected Job Loss

job loss

Losing your job is hard! Whether it stems from your performance or something completely out of your control, it can feel like a major blow to your self esteem. Compounding the stress is the financial burden that follows. Now what?! It’s easy to slip into … Read More

How To Make Your Career Change A Reality

career change

If you are considering making a career change, you’re not alone. Almost everyone considers a change at one time or another. The further along you are in your career, the scarier a change can feel. There is one thing you can do to guarantee the … Read More

11 Things You Should Never Put On A Resume

resume tips

Writing a resume is a daunting project, even if it is just a quick update. How do you know what to change? The end game is always the same, impress a recruiter enough to pick up the phone and call. So how do I know … Read More

How To Answer The Question: Tell Me About Yourself

interview questions

Tell me about yourself. This simple sentence strikes fear in the heart of a candidate. It is so vague and leaves little guidance for where to begin. It likely ranks as one of the worst questions to ask in an interview. Yet, recruiters seem to … Read More

Reasons The Recruiter Doesn’t Call You

Recruiter Call Back

One of the most frustrating parts of the job search process occurs when the phone doesn’t ring. You have submitted hundreds of applications (or so it feels), and not a single call back. Why won’t the recruiter call? There are many different reasons why the … Read More

7 Secrets To Help You Interview With Confidence

Interview Tips

The words “confidence” and “interviewing” rarely go hand in hand. Just the idea of an interview is enough to make most job seekers blood run cold. It can be scary! Most people spend hours trying to prepare. An entire book genre exists to help. Yet, it still seems the … Read More

3 Tips To Following Up After Interviews

follow up after interviews

Knowing how and when to follow up after an interview can be confusing. You don’t want to appear overzealous. Yet, you want to convey your excitement. Most of all, you just want to know how the interview went. Are you still in the running? Waiting … Read More