5 Resume Space Wasters & What To Put Instead

Resume space is prime real estate. You need to make the most of the space you've got, which means eliminating anything that doesn't serve you well and convince a recruiter to call. So, how do you know what is just taking up space? Better yet, what should you put in it's place?
The first question you should ask yourself is, "Does this section add value?" A recruiter has a certain set of skills and experiences they are looking for. Your resume 's job to convince them to pick up the phone and call you. Use every inch of space to communicate why you are a fit.
Wasted space is the same as a missed opportunity. You would be surprised at the number of people that unknowingly shoot themselves in the foot. This list not only tells you where you are missing out, but it tells you how to use that space in a more effective way.

5 Resume Space Wasters & What To Put Instead

#1 - Your References
No recruiter or hiring manager needs this information up front. Plus, they will ask you to enter these into the online application. That is the only place references should exist. Placing them on your resume just takes up prime real estate. Instead, add a section for volunteer work, project highlights, or early career experience. Almost anything is better!

#2 - An Objective Statement
So often, this is the first thing I see when I look at a resume. A bland statement right at the top, telling me what the candidate wants. Let's be honest. The recruiter doesn't care what you want! They only care about what they need. Use this space to show how your experience fulfills their needs.

#3 - Chunky Paragraphs and Sentences
Short, concise paragraphs are OK. No more than 4 lines of text, preferrably. There should never be full sentences! Your resume should only consist of powerful sentence fragments. Recruiters will only scan your resume. They need to be able to quickly understand what you mean without getting cobbled up in chunky section of text.

#4 - Photos
Photos have no place on a resume, regardless of what you see being sold as the latest resume trend. Sure those templates look sleek. However, the photo is not only a space waster, but it also gives them demographic information about you that should never be part of an employment decision (race, age, gender). While it is possible to gather that on their own, the photo can cause them to pass judgement on many non-job-related elements. Instead, use that space to get more job-related content and career wins in there.

#5 - Your Hobbies
There are very few times when it is beneficial to include your hobbies on your resume. Sure, you think it could be a conversation starter to talk about the marathon you ran, the mountain you climbed, or any other impressive thing you've done. Chances are, these aren't going to be powerful enough to sway the recruiter to call if they are on the fence. Rather, make sure you are demonstrating strong achievements, volunteer experience, and talking about the organizations you work with.

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